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Wikipedia is a popular educational application that contains millions of articles and valuable information. Here you can find everything you need to prepare for exams or compose a scientific paper.

Free Information

The main principle of this application for Android smartphones and tablets is to compile free information. Here you can learn about the meanings of words, various economic aspects, and scientific events. The application contains a huge database of Terabytes of valuable resources for training and broadening one’s horizons. It is worth noting that this is a free application that does not require a subscription or other payment systems. You can only make donations if you wish. 

This educational resource will help you prepare for the training session, learn more about your Professional sick aspects, and get general educational information. The resource contains a detailed article with descriptions and links to real sources. The main and most important aspect of this application is the reliability of the information. All articles refer to verified sources before providing certain information to a public court.

Pictures & Videos

Some important articles contain photos and links to useful videos. Here you can find this information that you have been looking for a very long time. It is worth noting that Wikipedia is much better than standard textbooks of history, geography, economics, and biology. Here you can count on constantly updated information. Since people edit articles on their own, you can count on enthusiasts to supplement any section with valuable and reliable information.


  • free application with articles and detailed information about everything;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android;
  • remember important information and verify the accuracy with sources;
  • fast search mode and category system;
  • download articles to read offline.
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