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Android 4.0.3 and above
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Wildberries is an application for viewing the catalog and placing orders in the store of the same name. In recent years, online shopping is gaining more and more popularity. People want to spend less energy, but find the right things. Thanks to this application, you can "shop" directly from your Android device. Wildberries offers a fairly extensive range of products: clothes and shoes, sports goods, electronics, children's toys and much more.

To find something interesting, you should drive your request into the application search engine or start methodically navigating through the proposed categories. Wildberries also provides access to view current promotions. On all promotional products indicated percentage discount.

To order an item, you should send it to the basket When filling out the form, the user must choose whether the parcel will be delivered to the specified address or whether you plan to visit the pick-up point yourself. In them, by the way, there are fitting rooms, so you can not worry about the fact that some clothes will not suit you.


Relate to the avid shopaholics who can’t even live a day in order not to buy another new little thing? Surely you have tried online shopping and appreciated the convenience of this process - no queues in fitting rooms and disputes with other potential buyers. The Wildberries app is just designed for fast and comfortable shopping. You can download its version for the Android operating system from the link below.
Of the alternatives, the Lamoda application can advise. But note that the prices in this store are significantly higher than in Wildberries.

Key Features

  • ordering clothes and other goods online;
  • the opportunity to choose home delivery or visit a pick-up point;
  • notifications of current promotions and offers;
  • filter system, greatly facilitating the search for goods;
  • additional discounts for regular customers.
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