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Windyty SE
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Windy com is an Android application that allows you to track the weather in any region.

Weather radar

The utility allows you to accurately track changes in weather and various precipitation. The interface contains more than 10 filters with the display of cyclones, hail, rain, snow and hurricanes. There is a global map in the main menu. You can display information about the country as a whole, a specific region or city.

There are color overflows on the map. They display the temperature front, wind flows and rain masses. You can prepare for the weather in advance. Part of the functionality is available for free. In total, 40 weather maps are presented in the menu, which can be superimposed in layers on a separate location.

Lists of locations

For ease of tracking the temperature and weather front, the application has a section with favorites; you can add all current locations and switch between them. It is convenient for travelers and those who often cross the boundaries of cities for work.

Cameras on locations

The cyclone map is updated every five minutes. For more operational data, you can use video cameras. They are located in key cities around the world. Access is free. You can see the weather getting worse and refuse a long trip or prepare in advance.

Devices can not transmit sound, and the picture depends on the time of day and weather conditions. This type of weather tracking is useful for general information. The main advantage is that the video stream does not require a broadband Internet connection. It is enough to connect to a 3G network.


  • application for tracking weather and precipitation;
  • more than 40 layers to display on an online map;
  • the ability to add locations to bookmarks for free;
  • access to webcams around the world;
  • the utility is compatible with relevant versions of Android.
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