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Wish is a mobile application for purchasing goods from China. If you worked with the most popular online store of Chinese goods in the countries of the former CIS, AliExpress, then mastering the Wish functionality will not take you much time. Well, the capabilities of these clients are almost identical - only Ali is much more popular and safe, unlike Wish, according to user reviews.

Application functionality

After creating a personal account in Wish, you can immediately begin to study its capabilities. Through this application, you can buy almost any product from China - clothes, shoes, cosmetics and accessories, household goods, appliances and much more.

The developers claim that only here you can find the lowest prices, because they do not add a mark-up to the goods. User reviews say the opposite - many write that quite often the price of goods is not relevant and in fact the ordered goods cost almost twice as much. For such cases, there is a connection with those support, but the money withdrawn from the card when canceling the order does not always return.
The official description of the product on Google Play claims that the search algorithm for Wish products is much better than in AliExpress, but in this solution there is no way to sort the desired product by price - from higher to lower and vice versa. Users can adjust the filter by parameters - by size, color and rating of other users, which, in principle, is not bad, but not too convenient.


You can use PayPal or Visa and MasterCard bank cards to pay for goods ordered using Wish. Due to the many negative reviews related to the non-refund of money after the cancellation of the order and contrary to the developer’s promises of a 100% return, we recommend that you use a more reliable AliExpress.

App features

  • allows you to order goods from China;
  • makes it possible to create lists of favorite products;
  • the application has many negative reviews in the official market;
  • supports payment by credit card and PayPal;
  • does not know how to sort goods by price category.
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