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Women Workout at Home

Leap Fitness Group
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Women Workout at Home is an Android application that is designed for a female audience and sports at home.

Occupation Control

The application allows you to create an individual plan of sports training for women. A couple of meters of free space and a comfortable litter are enough for this. At the first start, the utility will ask for the user's personal parameters and the general level of physical fitness. Based on these data, a personal training plan will be drawn up.

The menu has several levels of classes. They are designed for different muscle groups and the specific goals of a novice athlete. Each exercise is accompanied by instructions and graphical examples for implementation. This will prevent any injury if repeated incorrectly.

Tips & Tricks

For the organization of a healthy diet, you should read all the tips and articles on the selection of healthy products and the preparation of an individual diet. New publications from nutritionists are regularly added to the menu. Another section includes guidelines for proper warm-up and muscle warming.

Monitoring Results

Progress is important for motivating a novice athlete. In the menu, you can track calories burned for free and view the weight loss schedule. It shows lost kilograms per month and body mass index. If the BMI indicator is in the blue or green zone, then the state of the body is normal. Girls can use it to lose weight and became stronger every day.


  • sports app for women;
  • an opportunity to make a training for free;
  • detailed instructions, tips for warming up and eating right;
  • monitoring results and a general body mass index;
  • the sports app is compatible with current Android versions.
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