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Best Free Video Editor & Video Maker Dev
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Android 4.4
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Wonder Video is an application for video editing and creating spectacular graphic settings. Create real masterpieces on Android smartphones in a few clicks.

Tons of effects

Many people are looking for quality video editors to create original editing and add various effects to amateur photography. Thanks to this video editor, you can create spectacular cinematic works that can be published on social networks. Apply multiple effects functions to make your videos better. Here you can use many settings for photos and videos, in particular filters and other parameters. Add text or colors to modify your preferences. And here, you can find spectacular special effects and add new settings to have fun.

Image Correction

The application contains many elements of exposure and color grading. Here you can experiment with various styles and formats for interacting with video content. You can also use ready-made filters to use your face in funny videos. Add different special effects to your photos and experiment with new formats, free music libraries. Add music to videos and create the perfect soundtrack. 

It will help you add a lot of positive points and create your slide show. In general, here, you can take advantage of various effects that change your video sequence entirely. It is worth noting that this video editor does not reduce the quality settings so that you can download ready-made videos and photos without the compression effect. It will significantly improve the final content.


  • video editor for adding special effects;
  • advanced functions for color grading;
  • free basic functionality and a monthly subscription;
  • compatibility with current Android versions;
  • ready-made presets for video editing.
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