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Wordbit is an application for those who want to replenish their English vocabulary. The main "chip" of learning with the help of this program is that it allows you to study in the "background" mode. You do not need to sit and “study” cards or perform exercises. Everything is much simpler!

Wordbit displays new words right on the lock screen of your Android device. Each time, picking up the phone and trying to unlock it, you will be able to learn words along the way. According to the developer, this way you can memorize up to 3000 words per month. Of course, a big role is played by how often you use your smartphone and how well your memory is developed.

Words in the Wordbit database are divided into categories and levels. A set is available for beginners, people with an average level of English and those who know the language quite well. When you first start the program, you will be asked to take a test to determine the current level of knowledge. Upon completion, you will be able to independently choose the amount of material that you are going to learn, but it is better to dwell on the 3000-word recommended volume by the developer.

Additional features

In addition to learning “on the lock screen”, Wordbit also offers a standard set of exercises related to learning grammar and stable expressions. Another application allows you to enable the repetition of learned words and makes it possible to listen to the correct pronunciation. If you believe the user reviews on the Play Market, then Wordbit is really a very useful program that works great for lazy people. Also, with its help, you can prepare for the IELTS, TOEIC and TOEFL exams.

Key Features

  • helps to learn a new word every time you unlock the screen;
  • makes it possible to pass a test for the current level of knowledge;
  • allows you to independently choose the volume of words per month;
  • distributed free of charge;
  • works on relatively old versions of the Android operating system.
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