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World Newspapers is a handy news app available on all Android smartphones and tablets. Here you can read about the latest current events in the world and your region.

Hot News

Thanks to this application, you can select news for a specific region and learn a lot about sports events, technical achievements, or cultural changes in your country. It is worth noting that the application connects to a vast number of news sites and sources that are available for free. Due to it, you can find out the latest news for you and your region. All news publications are collected in an up-to-date order and provide detailed information about the latest changes in the world and your region. 

Now you can activate the convenient reading mode and transport news to the desired language. Search for important news by keywords or sections. The application menu allows you to use various news sources and add them to your favorites. It will help you find the latest news faster.

World News in Your Pocket

Each user of this android application can bookmark the most current news sources and use offline mode to read articles without an internet connection. You can also turn on a dark theme to enhance reading comfort during night mode. Share news with friends and bookmark. By creating several selected sources, you can receive the most relevant and believable news. You can also use a variety of color themes to enhance reading comfort. Plunge into the world of news publications and learn a lot thanks to this news aggregator.


  • international newsreader;
  • more than 6,000 news sources for free;
  • compatibility with all current versions of Android;
  • convenient reading mode and bookmarking system;
  • integrated adblocker.
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