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The size
7 Mb
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Current version
Android version
Android 4.4 and above
X-plore rootX-plore root sd card

X-plore is a convenient file manager on Android that allows you to get two-step access to various data on your smartphone and SD card. You can also come to the superuser’s archive in order to open various document formats. Specially integration with cloud storage allows you to connect to various services and transfer files in one click. Use special protocols to secure all data and work with Media content. 

The application contains a built-in music player that allows you to include movies and music without restrictions. It is worth noting that this player supports various formats, which allows you to enjoy content without restrictions. You can also work with the mouse and keyboard using USB OTG. The program contains a built-in PDF viewer. This will allow you to edit documents and view important files without restrictions.

All-in-one App

This application is a universal tool for working with various data and external drives. Thanks to many features, you can rename Files, open images and various media content. Browse archives and add various data without restrictions. Here you can send data over the Internet or Bluetooth. Encrypt content and share protected information with your friends.
It is worth noting that this application does an excellent job of opening various types of data and media content. You can watch any movie, listen to music or open a pdf file. Work with archives and extract the necessary files for subsequent transfer via cloud storage. Full synchronization with various services will allow you not to worry about data transfer and organize your work day.

App Features

  • the Android application for working with data;
  • two-step access to files and folders;
  • viewing PDF documents and playing videos;
  • synchronization with cloud storage;
  • the USB OTG and external drives support.
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