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Microsoft Corporation
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44,5 Mb
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Android 4.2
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Xbox Game Pass is an application for Android that is developed for users of the popular gaming console. 

The library 

On the home screen of the app, you can find a lot of different titles that can be purchased and played on your Xbox. 

You can see the games that are the most popular now along with personal recommendations. 

There are also multiple categories available to choose from. You can explore Indie, Family friendly, Shooters, Actions, Fighters, Strategy, Simulation and RPG. 

It is possible to tap on any game and get the full information about it along with screenshots. Moreover, you can install it on your console remotely.

As this application is the finalized version of the Xbox Game Pass Beta, there are only the best features available for users.  


To use this app properly you have to create a personal profile that is connected with your console. 

Registered users get access to more than 100 popular games for free. However, if you purchase an Xbox Live Gold subscription, there are many more benefits available for you. 

You get access to special offers and discounts, along with the ability to play online with other players. Moreover, there are new titles added constantly to the list of games that are available for subscribers.

The Gold subscription costs around ten dollars per month and can be canceled at any moment. In case of cancellation, you lose all benefits but the games you have already bought stay on your account. 


  • it is created especially for users of Xbox;
  • there are the huge library of different titles available;
  • you can install games remotely to your console; 
  • it is possible to purchase an upgraded subscription;
  • free download for Android.
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