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Xbox Game Pass Beta

Microsoft Corporation
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24,2 Mb
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Android 4.2
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Xbox Game Pass Beta is an application for Android that allows you to browse available titles and manage your account if you own Microsoft's console.


The app provides you with an opportunity to see all games in one place, choose something you like and purchase it. 

There is a convenient structure that shows you titles that are popular among other users for the moment or recently have been added to the store. 

You can choose between games of different genres from strategies to RPGs and see the detailed information about them. 

Moreover, there is the opportunity to install items to your console remotely from your phone. You have to be logged in and make sure that you have permitted such action in the settings. 

This application is the test version of Xbox Game Pass. Developers try new features here and make different changes constantly. If you prefer a more polished experience it is better to use the final version. 

Terms of use 

It is required to have a personal account that connects all of the devices that you use for gaming. 

All users can play more than 100 games completely for free but without a paid subscription you can not access the console multiplayer. 

For about ten dollars charged monthly from your debit card, it is possible to get the opportunity to play with other users online. It also gives you access to discounts that are updated constantly. 

There is also a beta version of cloud gaming available, that provides you with the ability to play console games on the screen of your phone or tablet. 


  • allows you to browse and purchase games if you have Xbox;
  • you can see the detailed information about any title;
  • it is possible to download and install items remotely;
  • there are subscription available that lets you play online and get discounts;
  • free download for Android.
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