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Xbox Game Streaming

Microsoft Corporation
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Android 4.2
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Xbox Game Streaming is an application for Android that provides you with the opportunity to play console and cloud games on the screen of your device. 


The app is created for people who own Xbox and will be available for every user in the future. However, for now, it is under testing so you are supposed to have a special invitation to use it. Without it, it is not possible to log in and use the main functions. 

It is also required to own an Xbox Game Pass account to run the titles from your library on other devices. 

Remote gaming

There are two main features that are available for users at the moment. The first one is called Project xCloud and provides you with access to online storage with several games. 

You do not have to download and install them to play and only internet connection is needed. Moreover, you can run new titles with good graphics without powerful hardware. 

The second one is called Console Streaming and provides you with the opportunity to play games from your Xbox on your phone or tablet. Devices have to be connected via WiFi and you can only stream titles that you have already purchased. 

It is also with noticing that you are required to have a wireless controller if you are going to play on devices other than your console. There is also the ability to buy a special clip and attach the controller to your phone, so you could use it more conveniently. 


  • lets you play games from the cloud without downloading and installing them;
  • you can stream titles that you have on your Xbox console to other devices;
  • powerful hardware is no longer needed to run new games; 
  • it is available only by invitations for the moment;
  • you are required to have a wireless controller;
  • free download for Android.
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