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XDV is an Android application with the ability to synchronize action cameras and smartphones.

Key features

The free utility supports a large number of action cameras like Go Pro. With this help, you can synchronize the camera and smartphone. The image from the lens is transmitted directly to the screen of the mobile device. For stable operation, a wireless connection is required. Preview mode supports only HD format.

Users can switch between photos and videos during the broadcast. Settings allow you to adjust the graphic part and add various options like slow-motion video. In general, it is convenient for daily recording of action videos. It is best if one user records a video, and the other controls the streaming.


All recorded photos and videos can be directly opened from the camera’s memory or SD card. You can save it on your smartphone or send it in instant messengers. Users can also email data to friends. Create individual categories of video. 

Special templates are provided in the settings. The file library opens with a slight delay, but it is still convenient to manage. One of the main advantages of the utility is its simple interface. Even users without knowledge of English will be able to deal with all the functionality.

Saving large videos on a smartphone may take some time. Sometimes it’s faster to connect the SD card to a computer or laptop to transfer files. But small files and videos are transferred quickly.


  • utility for controlling action cameras via smartphone;
  • access to direct HD broadcasts on the device screen;
  • the app is available for free download;
  • there are no ads or paid options to access the video;
  • full compatibility with current versions of Android.
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