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Yandex Translator is an Android application with the ability to translate text and speech into various languages.


The utility has a built-in text and voice translator. The top window is for typing and the bottom contains translation, transcription and synonyms for the given word. In total, more than 100 languages ​​are available. Users can choose the most popular options or exotic languages ​​like Esperanto.

In addition to text, users can activate the microphone and dictate words and sentences. You can also select a camera mode and point the lens at any word to recognize it. The translation process is available online for most languages. Some versions can be downloaded free of charge in the form of language packs for offline use.


The utility focuses on accurate translation of words, morphological features and the ability to save the history of translations in the archive. A list of selected translations and a quick change of language packs are available to users.

Most languages ​​also support voice dubbing. An electronically generated voice can reproduce words or entire sentences on demand. This helps in communicating with foreigners. It is enough to dictate or write any sentence and reproduce it for the interlocutor.

The utility can translate sites for free and supports synchronization with Android Wear. The user can dictate a couple of sentences and see the automatic translation on the watch screen. This is especially true when driving a car or when it is inconvenient to use the smartphone screen.


  • application for translating text into various languages;
  • online and offline mode with a language library;
  • transcription and morphological options;
  • the utility is downloaded and used for free;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android.
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