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YAZIO is an Android application that functions as a calorie counter and workout diary. It will be useful to those who decide to take care of themselves. The application was developed specifically for users who decide to lead a healthy lifestyle. Have you recently joined the army of admirers of healthy lifestyle? Then rather download YAZIO from our website, register and start keeping a convenient electronic diary of a new healthy life.

With YAZIO you can make an individual plan for losing weight or gaining it. Keep a food tracker for meals throughout the day. Remember user activity indicators and demonstrate them at the right time. The app count calories burned during exercise and keep statistics of user weight changes and make charts. Track your calorie, carbohydrate, protein, and fat intake. YAZIO added a calorie table for a huge variety of products, as well as several hundred recipes for delicious dishes containing a minimum of calories.

About PRO version

The free version of YAZIO has its limitations. However, buying the full version will save you from them, allowing you to fully use the program. In addition, the PRO version makes it possible to draw up extended nutrition plans, save measurements of the hips and waist, offers more tools for analyzing meals, and also does not contain annoying ads. The functionality of the program allows you to get a lot of advantages and solve your main problems.

App Features

  • helps keep track of daily calories
  • makes it possible to track the schedule of changes in weight;
  • contains a collection of recipes for healthy dishes;
  • allows you to plan meals for several days and weeks in advance;
  • includes a database of products and their calories.
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