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Android 4.4 and above
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YOLO is an Android app that integrates with Snapchat. You can share your photos and send honest messages. Chat with your friends and send pictures with text messages. Reply to your stories and chat with friends. It is your way to create anonymous questions and answers within the Snapchat ecosystem. The application has a convenient and straightforward interface so that you immediately understand the nuances of using text messages. 

Use this application as a platform for close communication with your friends or acquaintances. Create anonymous questions and get answers. This application is straightforward to use and will not require additional options from you. All you need to do is ask questions and reply to messages. It is an exciting experience that will help you in communicating with your friends and relatives. Share links and find out what friends and acquaintances think of you. It is a great communication application that brings people together and lets you learn a lot.

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This application will improve communication with your friends and learn more about what they think. Ask your friends and answer questions, and you can get closer to each other. This application allows you to ask provocative questions and not be afraid that you will misunderstand. Enjoy the freedom of communication and answer questions. It will help you to know your friends from a new perspective and share with them interesting facts about your life.

App Features

  • app with anonymous questions & answers;
  • full Snapchat integration on Android;
  • share your photos and send honest messages;
  • a simple interface and lots of functions;
  • anonymous social activity for all users.
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