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YouCut is an application for video editing and editing. Here you can add various visual and sound effects as well as crop your video.

Add Graphic effects

Many videos that are shot using a smartphone can be uploaded to social networks and show off to friends. Unfortunately, not all graphic content is initially ready for upload to Instagram or other social networks. You need to pre-trim the video, click on it, or add additional effects. All this takes time and takes a lot of effort when using a personal computer. 

This application will allow you to replace your desktop and perform all the essential functions using an android smartphone. You need to select the option you want and trim the video. There are also a lot of interesting effects that will help you express your emotions and please your friends.

Cut like a pro

Thanks to this Android app, you can trim a video and edit individual file segments to create an author’s film or clip. You can realize all your creative potentials to please your fans. Create top-notch videos with music and graphic effects. Compress video and choose available codecs to work with sound. In general, this is a universal application that will not take you much time while editing any footage.

A simple horizontal interface contains all the necessary sections that will help you edit the video and make all the required improvements. Improve these contrast or landscape orientation videos in one click. Now you don’t need a professional audio editor to prepare videos as social media posts.


  • crop and edit videos with this free app;
  • compatibility with current Android versions;
  • set of stickers and emoji to add to the video;
  • sound and video effects in the menu;
  • daily updates and the ability to change the video format.
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