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Microsoft Corporation
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Your Phone is an application for Android that allows you to connect your device to your PC. 

Connecting file systems

With this app, each user can create a unique workspace with just a few touches, by connecting the two active devices via Wi-Fi.

One of the important features is the ability to remotely access files stored in the smartphone's internal memory or external card via a wireless connection. You no longer have to email photos to yourself or use social media as a cloud to store data. All data is available directly from the control panel on your computer and is available for import in seconds, depending on file size.

Notices and calls

Another interesting feature is the transfer of all incoming notifications from your smartphone to your computer. They appear in the notification area and support a variety of quick-action scenarios - replying to text messages, viewing photos, and more. 

In the case of an incoming voice call, if you have a microphone and speakers on your computer, you can answer it from the PC without picking up your phone.

As the app requires both devices to be connected to the one network, a wireless connection is essential here.  So if you are not at home you should find it somewhere nearby. Software like WiFi Map can help you in this situation. 


  • allows you to create a unique workspace between your computer and smartphone;
  • both devices need to establish a connection via the same Wi-Fi;
  • lets you share different files without connecting your phone by wires;
  • it is possible to send incoming notifications to the computer workspace;
  • a simple and practical interface is implemented;
  • you can answer voice calls with a headset on you PC;
  • free download for Android.
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