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Google LLC
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10 Mb
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Android 4.1
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YouTube Go is an Android application with the ability to download YouTube videos for offline viewing.

Main function

The utility is an alternative source for accessing YouTube videos. New users will have to register and provide a phone number to complete verification. Next, users can go to the video search menu. After selecting the necessary clips, you can download them to your device for offline viewing. The utility allows you to select individual clips or several options at once.

Users need to select storage for the cache. You can create an archive in the phone’s memory or on the SD card. The utility allows you to save files only. The audio extraction option is not available. Also, the application allows you to select the quality of the video.

The utility also allows you to add videos to favorites, leave likes, and comments under the video. The interface also displays trending videos and news feeds from the bloggers you follow. You can also go to the section in trends to search for interesting content.

Built-in player

Since Google make this utility, it supports the built-in player from the original YouTube application. Users can view streaming and downloaded files. You can activate subtitles or set a playback timer.

The application menu has tools to control the consumed traffic. This allows you to limit downloads when you are connected to a mobile network. Sometimes the download buttons disappear on the menu during the upgrade of video hosting servers.


  • utility for downloading videos from YouTube;
  • the ability to watch clips without connecting to a network;
  • choice of storage and video quality optional;
  • the application is available free of charge for use;
  • full compatibility with current versions of Android.
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