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YouTube Vanced is an unofficial modification of the popular application for Android that provides you with the opportunity to use more advanced functions while watching various content online. 

Extended options 

The app works in a way similar to the original YouTube. You can watch videos, like or dislike them, add to playlists, and subscribe to channels of other users.

However, as this modification is unofficial, it opens access to features that are available only for users of Premium. Usually, you have to pay money for it but here it is free for all. 

It makes it possible to play clips on the background and use other applications while watching them.

It also becomes possible to download any content to the internal memory of your phone. You can choose the quality of the file you want to save. 

Moreover, this app can improve the quality of the video you watch and show it in high definition even if the original is not HD.

There is also the ability to see what videos are popular now in the Trending tab that is updated every day. 

Blocking advertisements 

This modification as well opens access to the premium feature that allows you to get rid of ads that are shown prior to and during videos.

It hides pop ups completely and you do not have to wait for the promotional clip to end before you get the ability to skip it. You can just tap on any title and start watching it straight away. 

It is a very useful option, as software like AdBlock usually is not able to provide you with smooth streaming of video on YouTube.


  • provides you with YouTube premium options for free;
  • allows you to watch videos online and download them;
  • you can play clips on the background;
  • there is the opportunity to block ads;
  • free download for Android.
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