A-to-Z Notes Free

A-to-Z Notes Free

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4 Mb
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Android 4.1 and above
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A-to-Z Notes Free is an Android note taking app. Thanks to this program, you can create various notes and reminders that can be easily grouped in alphabetical order. Menu and simple application interface Designed to quickly search for important data, the general file system is similar to a computer. You can choose any alphabetical order and open notes in order to edit them and add important information. 

The main goal of the proposal is to provide their user-friendly interface and a multifunctional system for creating notes that helps you organize your tasks for each day. You can save, activate and delete notes depending on your needs. All alphabetical groups created in a rectangular form so that you can get quick access to information. This is very convenient since you don’t need to become hundreds of notes in search of important information. Edit all your entries in one click and get access to the notification system.

Fast Notes

Thanks to this application you can record important reminders, recipes, daily to-do lists and important purchases. Edit and enter important information into each data block. You can save your passwords, Birthday Reminder and other data here. Do not forget that you can significantly increase your efficiency throughout the day thanks to this application. The program is very simple does not take up much space on your smartphone or tablet. That is why you can easily manage it on any device. Activate the required mode and enter information in a few clicks. A convenient keyboard allows you to quickly print important information and save it automatically. 

App Features

  • the Android notebook with notes;
  • rectangular tile system;
  • search notes in alphabetical order;
  • simple menu and global data display;
  • edit important information in one click.
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