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Android 5.0 and above
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Zalo is an Android application for communication and video calls. You can chat with your friends using 3G or Wi-Fi. Use the front and main cameras to transfer video to the other party. You can configure live video and audio options. Also, each user can use Wi-Fi or the 3G/LTE Internet to communicate via voice. Call your friends or acquaintances at any time. It is worth noting that the application has an official news page. A convenient interface allows you to quickly understand the functionality and activate all the necessary parameters for unlimited communication with friends. 

It is one of the easiest suggestions to use online. You can get the latest news about sports, political, economic and entertainment events. It will allow you to keep abreast of everything that happens in the world. You can also use multimedia messages to chat with friends. Chat, share photos of videos and beautiful stickers. So you can express your emotions and enjoy chatting with friends. Use your account to share interesting information with friends and get a response.

Call Your Friends

Now you can make and make video calls to your friends at any time of the day. Use your profile to post the best photos and moments of your life. Your friends will certainly see and appreciate it. You can also use the option to search for friends nearby. It will allow you to contact a friend if he is near you. This application expands the boundaries of communication between people. You can contact all relatives and friends wherever they are. It will allow you to keep in touch and enjoy communicating with each other.

App Features

  • application for video calls on Android;
  • broadcast control and voice calls;
  • news feed with interesting articles;
  • profile for publishing interesting content;
  • chat with stickers and the ability to share content.
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