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Zappar is an Android application with an augmented reality option. Users can project three-dimensional objects on different planes.

Principle of operation

The free utility is built on augmented reality technology and is entertaining in nature. You can create three-dimensional objects and watch them on the smartphone screen. To do this, use the lens of the main or front camera. The utility is aimed at a children’s audience, but adults can also get a lot of positive emotions.

The bulk of three-dimensional objects are created using Zap codes. Point the camera lens at an object with a similar marking, and the utility will automatically start the simulation of objects. Similar codes can be found on children’s toys, food, booklets, and packaging from household appliances.

Interaction with AR objects

Once you have started the animation, you can view the object from various angles, take a photo or record a video. You can interact with some objects in game mode. This option requires high performance from your device. There are also low-poly character models that do not require a lot of computing power.

The menu contains masks for selfies. You can choose the face of a celebrity, superhero, politician, or cartoon character. In this case, the utility will generate animation in. It is worth noting that you will have to activate the flash to scan a special code in low light. Without this, the process of generating three-dimensional objects can take a long time.


  • application for using augmented reality;
  • the ability to scan codes on products to run animations;
  • the utility requires the significant processing power of your device;
  • download and use the AR module for free;
  • full compatibility with current versions of Android.
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