Zent Cash Wallet

Zent Cash Wallet

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25 Mb
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Android 4.1 and above
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Zent Cash Wallet is an application for the cryptocurrency of the same name. Here you can create your wallet with two-factor authentication and cryptographic protection. After that, you can buy and sell cryptocurrency and also carry out various transactions. All financial payments and transfers are controlled in a particular window. You can track transaction history and restrict multiple options on your menu. Use the convenient transfer window to send cryptocurrency to friends or exchange Ion cryptocurrency exchange. 

You can also disable a unique notification system and limit the synchronization with the wallet in specific wi-fi networks. You can use a Fingerprint or a unique pin code as a security measure. Users can get a user-friendly interface that switches between a light and dark graphic theme. Automatic verification is available for all users who want to improve several options for copying data. Here you can add various users and access settings to your wallet. In general, it is a convenient and reliable tool to protect your cryptocurrency.

Zent Cash with Transactions

The application allows you to synchronize with your account and track all activities. You can save a direct link to your wallet or generate a cougar code for other users. Using this app, you can make transactions or accept cryptocurrency payments. Save all your stocks in digital format and restrict data transfer to unknown networks. It will help you stay safe and keep all your money in a secure vault.

App Features

  • application for storing cryptocurrency on Android;
  • make cryptocurrency transactions in one click;
  • account protection with a pin code and fingerprints;
  • keep track of replenishment history and save data;
  • two color themes and wallet customization.
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