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ZOLA Infinity

Zola Electric
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Android 5.0 and above
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ZOLA Infinity is a proprietary application of the company of the same name that will help you monitor the state of your energy system at home and in the workplace. You can regulate various power consumption modes, monitor the condition of your batteries, and adjust the voltage for multiple devices and technical gadgets in your home. The application supports tracking the total power and individual devices that divide the energy flows into the important sectors. 

Here you can place a detailed map of your energy network and track various modes. It is worth noting that the system is monitored in real-time, so you can quickly find out the real state of affairs in your energy system. You can also add various users who can monitor and track the technical performance of electrical appliances. Another interesting point is the ability to disconnect all power to the facility using remote access. All user actions fully control the system.

Power-saving System

You will need a unique sensor to monitor the entire power supply. By installing such a device in your home, you can control all the necessary parameters and turn off the electricity during breakdowns. In general, this is a universal software product that is combined with devices in one power grid. It will help you achieve greater energy efficiency in your home and gain the advantage of total control over all force majeure. Download the application and configure the power grid. Here you can distribute various energy flows and control the entire power to turn off all the parameters in your home.

App Features

  • control your energy system on Android;
  • access to various power consumption modes;
  • the ability to delegate access rights to other users;
  • configure and turn off the power in your home;
  • tracking of all changes in real-time.
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